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MễN TIẾNG ANH doze - Thời gian làm bài sixty phút


A/. Chọn từ gạch dưới được phát âm khác với những từ cũn lại: 1/ A. chauffeurB. ChinaC. childrenD. verify 2/ A. garmentB. hardshipC. carryD. garlic 3/ A. nearB. pearC. dearD. clear

B/. Chọn từ cú trọng õm chớnh nhấn vào õm tiết cú vị trớ khỏc với cỏc từ cũn lại: 4/ A. capitalB. excellentC. determineD. country 5/ A. cultivateB. latitudeC. desperateD. tragedy


5. Chọn từ hoặc cụm từ thích hợp nhất để hoàn thành câu: 6 / ____________ provides he socialized like that before.

A. Only byB. WhenC. NeverD. To get

7/ " Even more coffee? Any individual? ” ~ " _________________. ” A. I may agree, I'm afraidB. I'd personally love to C. Yes, please D. It can right I do think 8/ The classroom ____________ when the instructor arrived.

A. was being washed B. can be cleanedC. was cleaning G. was cleaned out 9/ The more electricity you use, ______

A. the higher your bill will be B. the greater will be your costs C. your bill will be higher M. the highest the bill will be 10/ " Oh, Now i am really remorseful! ” ~ " _____________________. ”

A. It was a pleasure”B. That's all rightC. Thanks D. Yes, why? 11/ " Do you like the weather here? ” ~ " I wish it ______________. ”

A. will not rainB. won't rainC. failed to rain D. hadn't rained 12/ They searched _________________for the absent documents nonetheless they were hardly ever found. A. to and froB. high and low C. up and down D. back to back 13/ I can announce which the manager are unable to attend our party today, ____________is a pity.

A. thatB. whoC. what M. which

14/________Sahara can be...



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