All Sight on Eco-Friendly Tire Producing

All Sight on Environmentally friendly Tire Making

1 . Just how have wheel companies appreciated the green motion?

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Wheel companies are complex in their efforts to be green. They create tires with better going resistance and thus emit much less carbon dioxide into the air. They develop ways to recycle and reuse rubberized. They reduce potentially toxic compounds in their method. They obtain international specifications such as the ISO 140001 environmental management qualification.

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Good year

Very good year has created and reinforced consumer awareness programs for proper pumpiing and fuel economy education.


Yokohama had applied eco-motion that created Permanently Forecast the tress much more than 500000covering twenty-five acres will plant in next ten years. Tire corporations embraced the green movements boost their operation along the production stream while they are setting green mark. Nevertheless , Yokohama acquired implemented environmentally theme Website known as Eco Treadsetters. Hence, company is earning more revenue whilst it adapt instantly to fresh processes and materials which might be environmental friendly.


Bridgestone had certified wildlife home areas adjacent three of tire features as well

Southern region Korea Kumho Tire Co. Inc

Kumho had protected the underwater and woodlands such as protect the home of animals and fish, functions facilities thatreduce air toxins and separates waste to get recycling functions.


Michelin had invested in three-year exploration around 6th. 8 mil and improved fuel economy through reduced going resistance. The environmental R& M, education, govt, universities might lead an excellent impact to Michelin.

2 . What rewards does eco-friendliness have to get:

a. The company

Yokohama Rubber Co. Ltd:

Yokohama Rubber...



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