Atticus the Philospher

Atticus the Philosopher

Atticus is a great dad who sets a good example for his kids. He practices what this individual preaches. Through the book, Atticus teaches Jem and Look three essential lessons, to take care of head up, have bravery, and to certainly not judge persons. Atticus educates his kids these lessons through phrases of reassurance and his activities.

Throughout the novel Atticus teaches his and his children to keep their very own heads up excessive. He shows them this kind of because he knows during the Tom Robinson case that people in Maycomb is going to talk about these people and him self. There is proof to support that lesson is mainly for look, because for such a young age the girl does not understand what the comments indicate. This is noticeable in phase nine when Cecil Jacobs announces to the class that Atticus guards niggers. The first suggestion of this is definitely when Scout and Jem are jogging home from practice that day and the girl asks " What'd he mean sayin' that? ” referring to Cecil's comment, indicating she would not actually figure out his strike, only that it was meant to be harmful. Later that night she demands Atticus in the event he protect niggers. This shows that though she denied the brief review made in school, your woman was not sure if it was true. The 3rd piece of facts that points to this lessons being generally for Look is in phase 9 when the family is at the Finch Getting for Holiday. While there, her second relation Francis phone calls Atticus a " nigger lover”. Later when Uncle Jack has talk to Look about the licking he gave her, she clarifies that this individual does not know children and was unfair. She explains to him that he would not give her a chance to tell her side from the story and that she was provoked in to using obscene language and violence once Francis phone calls Atticus a name. When he asks for the name the girl answers " A nigger lover. My spouse and i ain't incredibly sure what it takes but the approach Francis stated it…” showing again that she would not understand the which means of these terms only that it can be meant to harm...



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