Causes of the Civil Conflict

Causes of the Civil Battle

There were many reasons the Civil War began. The north and the south acquired completely different views on some very essential subjects. The north believed that captivity was not necessary, but the southern had required slavery in order to harvest the crops. Likewise, new territories were being satisfied. Lastly, Abraham Lincoln was elected chief executive. The areas states had several economies. Inside the North, the economy was based upon factories and wages. Everyday people worked in the factories. The South had large farms, which grew cotton. The plantation owners needed the slaves to pick the cotton. They failed to receive pay, but they were provided foodstuff and shield. In the Midwest, wheat was the number one money crop. It had been harvested by a machine, and so they failed to need as much workers or slaves. These kinds of different economies caused partitions in the United States. As well, new areas were being settled. The Southern region wanted the brand new territories being admitted for the Union because slave says. This was in order to avoid the slaves from avoiding into totally free territories. The North wanted the new areas to be free. Some people believed the new territories should have the right to vote whether they wanted to always be free or slave. This really is called California's Rights. A was come to called the Compromise of 1850, which lasted for three years. With this compromise, fugitive slaves were ordered to come back to their owners. The abolitionists thought that they ought not to have to follow that rules. Next, Abraham Lincoln said that slavery needs to be abolished. Having been elected leader and South Carolina immediately seceded from the Union. Then, 6 more says joined Sc and formed the Confederate States of America (CSA). The Southern region felt that Lincoln will abolish captivity and take away their overall economy or all their way of life. Additionally they felt that every state got the right to election on virtually any law. Even more people died in the Civil War than any...



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