You probably know about Colgate toothpaste – perhaps you've even tried it. But what do you think of Colgate aspirin or Colgate antacid? How about Colgate laxative or perhaps Colgate dandruff shampoo? That is exactly what Colgate-Palmolive wants to know. To find out how consumers would react to this sort of products offered under the Colgate brand, the massive packaged-goods organization has gently established a test industry in Peoria, Illinois, to try a distinctive line of ten over-the-counter (OTC) health-care products, every using the Colgate name. The line includes Colgate aspirin-free soreness reliever, to compete with Tylenol; Colgate ibuprofen, to take on Advil; Colgate cold tablets, to take on Contac; Colgate night-time chilly medicine, to compete with Nyquil; Colgate antacid, to take on Rolaids; Colgate natural laxative, to take on Metamucil; and Colgate dandruff shampoo, to compete with Mind & Shoulder blades. Colgate's fresh line signifies a significant reduction from the higher-margin, high-visibility home goods that Colgate typically markets. Colgate chairman Reuben Marks shows that " The Colgate name is strong in oral cleanliness, now we want to learn if it can represent health care across the board. We need to increase into even more profitable categories. ” Colgate won't discuss specifically about its new line, yet Peoria drugstore operators the company started out the test marketing last fall. Since then, Colgate has blitzed the town with coupons and ads. Reps have given away free pontoons of tooth paste with other Colgate purchases and handed out coupon codes worth nearly the full selling price of the new products. One retail store owner paperwork, " They're spending significant money out here. ” If all that promotional support weren't enough, the manager of one Walgreen store remarks that Colgate has charged its range well listed below competing brands, as much as 20% below. A similar manager studies that the fresh products' revenue are strong but also adds, " With all the campaign...



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