Promoting Analysis of Telecom Industry in Pakistan


Table Of Contents

(1) Acknowledgement

(2) Executive Synopsis

(3) Market Introduction

(4) Industry Form

(5) SWOT Analysis

(6) PEST & Micro Environment

(7) Target market

(8) Competitive Analysis

(9) Future Advice

(10) Group Remarks

(1) Acknowledgment

Were very much thankful to Thor Almighty, who has given all of us the ability to believe, judge and decide in various Situations. Our company is also thankful to our well known teacher " Aisha Zaidi” who is helping us and showing us the right course where we can utilize our abilities and qualities to attain our Desired goals. She shows us in the best way using her personal experience and knowledge. The lady makes us think and work for the betterment from the society rather than to be only individual.

(2) Executive Overview

In recent years the telecommunication Industry began to emerge in Pakistan and middle of 2000 that grows enormously well. The telecom market developed in a short time and most with this growth can be attributed to cell and mobile growth. About 2007 the expansion rate of Industry was 80. seven percent, which was a lot beneficial for most stake cases including authorities. That growth had undoubtedly influenced our economy of the region. Similarly as compared with 2007 the growth rate of Industry decreased in 2008 and it absolutely was 39. 4%. 2008 was also a challenging year to get Pakistan economy. In 2008 the market had a sluggish and stable progress in comparison with 2007. Nevertheless 2009 was proved to be worst then that. The growth price declined in order to 1 . 30%. The internal and external elements such as Overall economy and governmental policies played a vital role in drop of the growth of the sector. With the improved Teledensity the telecom sector growth wants be heading towards maturity. Somehow it can be predicted that in near future the Sector would can be found in maturity stage.

(3) Market Introduction

In recent time the telecom market in Pakistan has grown very quick. Cellular and mobile businesses contributed a lot in the expansion as compared to fixed lines. As a result of rapid expansion in Sector many international and local buyers invested, A lot of companies came into the Market which causes competition. The latest competition and harsh competition among the rivals will help the industry expand somehow if not for very long period of time. Mobile sector offered enough for the growth of the sector. The introduction of mobile phones features wireless network providers who provided a chance to the people to use cellular phones and wireless cellular communication. That helped the industry expand more and more.

(4) Industry Condition

Today the industry is usually moving at a very regular speed. The expansion of the industry is lowering as compared to previous years. The Micro and Macro environment played a vital role in decline of the growth. Recession in economy and unstable national politics did brought on a lot. Due to the decline in growth rate now the war is usually on acquiring high discuss by the companies in the industry. The businesses are working hard by providing useful services to meet their current customer and attract different network's client to be component to them. Today the turning cost of consumer is very low, so the companies must complete fill the requirements otherwise they are going to lose their market share. This indication triggers harsh competitors and competition certainly interested the sector and increased possibility it might grow for small amount of time. Today 6 companies are doing work in Telecommunication Market, which are: Mobilink, Ufone, Telenor, Warid, Zong and Instaphone. Mobilink is definitely the strong player in the industry mainly because they were the first cell phone service provider to work in totally GSM technology. They have the largest market share of 30%. Telenor takes the other place with market share of 22% accompanied by the Ufone who has business of 21. 3%. Warid has market share of 19%. The last consumir china base company Zong holds 6th. 7%...



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