Psychology Study Information


Neonatal Reflexes:

Babinsk: big toe lifts, various other toes enthusiast out

Musulman Reflex: biceps and triceps fling out and get something the moment child feels like he's falling Palmer Grasp: touch a baby's palms and his hand closes

Planter Grasp

Sucking- doesn't should try to learn how to breast feed


Withdrawal – reaction to discomfort

Vigotsky's Theory

Focuses even more on ethnic impact on human development

Believed children actively seek to discover new concepts (like Piaget) Zone of proximal expansion: the range of tasks a young child cannot expert alone, although can accomplish with guidance of a parent or elder Scaffolding- procedure for adjusting training so that a beginner could better figure out a problem or perhaps gain a mental skill Believed puberty was de las hormonas, NOT a change into adulthood


Emotional add-on: an especially close emotional connection that newborns form with the caregiver speak to comfort: a pleasing and comforting feeling humans get from holding or adhering to something soft and warm (such their mothers) separation anxiousness: distress shown by babies when they are segregated from father and mother Three types of accessory:

Securely attached- infants having a stable and positive psychological bond; feel upset at mother's absence and seek to end up being near her when she returns—show resilience, curiosity, problem-solving skills Insecure-attachment- anxious mental bond designated by a tendency to avoid re-union – Inferior Ambivalent- troubled emotional relationship with both a desire to be which has a parent and steer clear of her Poor attachment can lead to mistrust and have a lasting effect on adulthood Erkison's Theories:

Is targeted on the ego and emphasizes importance of interaction with cultural environment Epigenetic Principle: creation occurs by using a predetermined unfolding of our people into almost eight stages Believes that human beings face a certain psychosocial dilemma at each stage in life Developmental tasks: abilities that must be mastered, or personal changes that have to take place,...



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