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TUTOR: Lauren Van Rheede

TOPIC: You are a older official (Director-General) in a Southern region African govt department. A brand new minister has become appointed to the department. Your assignment is going to take the form of your briefing by a director-general to his/her minister. You are required to set a briefing towards the new ressortchef (umgangssprachlich) setting what changes might be made in federal government policy to boost the overall performance of the office. The seance must contain historical circumstance to the policy, current plan and changes that could be designed to improve plan. DEPARTMENT SELECTED: Department of Home Affairs

DEPARTMENTAL SITE: www.dha.gov.za

This kind of essay functions a briefing aimed at responding to policy concerns of the Department of House Affairs. There are many of plan issues that are present within the Division of House Affairs that must be addressed including the following: A defieicency of recruitment regarding staffing, data corruption that is present within the division, service delivery and others. However , this conjonction will focus on addressing migrants policy issues. This agglomeration will be following a number of steps inside the above mentioned concern of migrants. It will have eight subheadings behaving as rules towards understanding what is being discussed and these are generally as follows: Issue, Background, Plan Challenge, Stars, Policy Effects, Policy Alternatives, Policy Alternative, Policy Activities and Methods. ISSUE

As stated in the introduction the core issue dedicated to in this seance is one of the immigration policies. You need to also bear in mind that this issue by itself brings in related problems that may later be discussed through this briefing. However , one of the major related issues through immigration is definitely Xenophobia. The International Firm for Migration (IOM) learned that " Dark-colored South Africans do not conveniently accept dark-colored Africans they can be at best tolerated and at worst brutalized and marginalized” (Farquhar, 2000: 1). Black Southern Africans somehow don't have a demeanor of brotherhood with their guy African Friends. Moreover, factors such as unemployment enhance and intensify the attitude of South Africans towards migrants more specifically black migrants. South Africans have this proven fact that immigrants obtain jobs they are really supposed to be occupying (Blanchfield, 1997: 1). You will find clear sign of Xenophobia displayed in South Africa. One particular significant example can be seen during 1997 when a group named the Out of work People of South Africa ( (UPSA) vulnerable to forcibly get rid of against the law immigrants, " who are blamed for social problems ranging from drug abuse to unemployment”(Farquhar, 2000: 1). A lot of immigrants are seen as only interested in S. africa to make illegal businesses including selling drugs and career theft. A SAMP study shows that 60% of South African human population with the same thought to Immigrants possess grouped themselves to deal with this matter in the many illegal, dehumanizing and chaotic way of getting rid of ‘Aliens'. (Constance, 1999: 2). BACKGROUND

This part of the seance will focus on the introduction of several policies which has been introduced, working with the issue of migration in South Africa from pre apartheid age until post apartheid era. The issue of migration in S. africa can be tracked as far back as prior to apartheid era. The Foreign nationals Regulation Action of 1913 is known as the first immigration legislation handed in South Africa (Peberdy, 97: 3). You can argue that this policy was based on ethnicity discrimination. It had been aimed at not including Indian immigrants who had been drawn to live in South Africa on the basis of the observing the potential of living in South Africa by various other Indians who entered S. africa (SA) following the 1860's as unskilled employees. It appeared as though the Indian inhabitants was...

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