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Relationships are an significant theme inside the Kite Jogger because they supply much of the discord and much of the resolution in the story. � There are several several sets of relationships that involve conflict and resolution but Let me focus on three major ones, the relationship between Baba and Ali,  the marriage between Amir and Hassan, and the romantic relationship between Amir and Effare.

Baba and Ali include a strange romance they are learn and stalwart, one was overly wealthy and the various other had only the essentials to life. The two grew up with one another though. Baba and Ali possess a healthy marriage in the initially ten chapters of the book. They appear to relish each other peoples company as they smoke and talk usually in Baba's study room. Ali was the father of Hassan who had been a hazzara. Amir and Hassan spent most of their particular child-hood with each other, which was when Hassan had not been helping out along with his fathers operate. Baba treated Ali great son with a lot of respect for a stalwart. He presented them with foodstuff, bedding and money after they needed this. Although they have sort of a business relationship it was more personal then business. The two were very cultural and were considered to be ‘best of friends'.

Amir and Hassan have a very peculiar relationship. They spent most of their the child years at each other peoples side. The 2 boys possibly breast-fed from the same girl because both these styles their mothers were not about at birth. Amir went to school while Hassan did duties around the house. Amir would get back home and use his time in his space doing paper or studying and spending time with Hassan. The kids would walk up the grassy hill and sit under a pomegranate tree and Amir would read books to Hassan for hours each time, Hassan cherished when Amir would examine to him. The young boys enter themselves in the winter Kite flying tournament. Hassan was the kite runner, as lines of pret-a-monter where sliced off it had been up...



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