Rules of the English Dialect

п»ї1. 01 ENGLISH

Relocating the Comma

Regulation #4. Use a comma to set off a phrase or clause of three or maybe more words at the beginning of a sentence in your essay. Examples:

During the winter sports' season, the talented athlete wrestled and prepared for the upcoming trail season. When ever she went to the store, your woman had a list in her hands nevertheless lost this, which triggered her to forget the points she needed.

Relocating the Comma

Rule #5. Use a comma to put off a parenthetical factor or appositive. A parenthetical element is actually a part of a sentence that could be removed devoid of changing the meaning of the word. An appositive is a clause or expression that renames a noun and can be taken off without changing the meaning of the sentence. Examples:

Water skiing, В as many professionals point out, can be a challenging summer time sport to find out. The skilled athlete, В who had won a number of state competition, played a lot of sports in high school and hoped for a great athletic scholarship grant for college.

Rule #6. Use a comma to separateВ coordinate adjectives.


The gifted, В disciplined, athlete impressed all of us with his dedication to do his best in institution and on the field. TheВ little oldВ lady dropped herВ long, tatteredВ grocery list someplace in the parking lot. ( If you could set and in among them)


The solution I believe is to try our best and see what are the results. The solution, I do believe, is to try our best and see what are the results.

The rough frightening surf washed more than our tiny sailboat.

The rough, distressing waves washed over our tiny sailboat.

Because he is really incredibly timid we introduced Greg each of our best friend to Sue. Because he is so incredibly shy, we introduced Greg, our best friend, to Sue.

After the game we leaped a mile swam a half-mile biked a mile.

After the video game, we leaped one mile, swam a half-mile, and biked five miles.

I actually ironed all the clothes Some get a chance to do the dishes feed the dogs get the waste. I ironed all of the clothing, but Some get a probability to...



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