Selected Answers from Ch1 &2 Quantitative Evaluation

Module 1 Assignments

Phase 1 challenges

1 . 15


Beam will need to promote 5 products to " break-even” in the total expense. 1 . nineteen

BEP=2, 400(per week)40-25

To break even the billiard company will have to sell 160 cues each week. The revenue at the break-even point would be $6400 per week. However to generate a profit the business would have to sale more than one hundred sixty cues every week. 1 . twenty one

120 units=2400S-25


Chapter 2 concerns

2 . 18


P4inch=451 (4" nails)651+243+41+451+333(total nails)

sama dengan. 2624

There is also a 26. 24% chance of tugging a 5 inch toe nail from the trash can b)

P5inch=333(5" nails)1719total fingernails or toenails

=. 1937

There is a 19. 37% probability of pulling a 5 inch nail in the bin


P(1" or 2" or 3" nail)=1-P(4" nail)-P(5" nail)

=1-. 2624-. 1937=. 5439

There is a 54. 39% chance of tugging a toenail 3 ins or more compact from the rubbish bin 2 . twenty-one

PA. We. ЗЂ Bedoiun=P(BedoiunЗЂA. I. )/P(A. I. almost all tribesmen)PBedoiunЗЂA. I. PA. I all tribes men+ P(BedoiunЗЂE. K)P(E. E. all tribesmen

There is a 32. 46% probability that the Judio soldier stumbled upon a Bedoiun tribesman from your Abu IIan (A. I) oasis. RAPID CLIMAX PREMATURE CLIMAX,. KЗЂBedoiun=1-. 3846

There is a 61. 54% chance that the jewellry came across a Bedoiun tribesman from the El Kamin (E. K. ) oasis. 2 . 27

a)P(living in Laketown and having cancer)=13650=. 02

P(living in Laketown)XP(Having cancer)=6501000 Г—191000=. 01235

No since the probability of living in Laketown and having cancer is not equal to the probability of only having malignancy b) P( Living in Riv City and having cancer)=19-131000-650=. 01714<. 02(probability of living in Laketown and having cancer). Better to reside in River Town 2 . 33

Probability ofr successes in n trials=n! r! (n-r)! Г—prqn-r

The probability of getting exactly three or more sales in 4 attempts is 12. 29% plus the probability of 4 product sales in the same number of endeavors is twenty four. 01% 2 . 41

a) There is a 69. 15% chance that the project will take 62 weeks or perhaps less b)There is a 93. 32% probability the task will be completed in 66 weeks or significantly less c) There is a...



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