Technology dampens people

Technology dampens people

We are able to notice from our daily lives that some individuals are easily and seriously attacked by a disease called " technology”. As a computer scientist, I consider technology as being a virus because computers have the ability to keep me personally sitting on my chair for 12 hours every day, facing my beautiful screen and reaching it, with no forgetting the simple fact that I am ruining my eyesight together with the bright light forecasted from the display. Technology, in a invention, can adjust the behaviour of individuals and disconnect them from their surroundings, making it a relationship killer.

The 1st argument that explains why technology isolates people may be the relationship that may be built between the technological artifact and the individual. From a utilitarian watch, technology is known as positive since it makes everybody " happy” with their very own inner community. In this case, technology maximizes the " happiness” that one may find in his/her relation with their lovely unit. However , although this technology can bring happiness to an individual's life, it has a major negative aspect on the other hand. We will illustrate this kind of by the sort of the ipod touch, which has been criticized by Paul C Pitt in his article " Avoid Talk to Me”. The ipod has a unique relationship with each individual who owns it. Many of us consider the ipod as a means of disconnecting from the outside globe. In other words, to be able to listen just to it rather than to others can occasionally make an people's life better by assisting him or her prevent the sound of people's quarrels in down-town for example. These ideas might seem appealing, yet at the end of the day, your husband feels we have a new gap that came about between him / her self and the others. This kind of gap is done because the client of the artifact spent the day interacting with his or her electronic device, disregarding the world about him or her. This kind of victim of technology has made his or her existence excessively reliant on it, when he or this lady has more and...

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