The Struggles of Cultural Compression of Nigerian Women in America


Through this articled will attempt to explain the historical oppression of the Nigerian woman in her country and how every single little Nigerian girl can be brought up to submit to the males in her life for her entire life period, living in the backdrop without a voice but many obligations. It will make clear how this woman ways to America and finds new freedoms and is presented with the option of assimilating in to the new traditions or maintain her country's ways. The identity creation, issues and challenges happen to be subjected to the theories of personality and social modify. As the Nigerian female finds herself in America aiming to understand her new around and to adapt to the new liberties that she encounters, the girl must also make the decisions showing how much of compression of the new culture and how much retention of her own lifestyle does your woman acquire. This article will show how the course in diversity offers equipped and also this pupil to be more competent in working with this population.


In reviewing the research about immigrant women and Nigerian females as a whole intended for comparison I actually interviewed 40 women to see if these girls agreed with all the documented exploration; 15 girls from Nigeria residence in US for more than 10 years, 10 women coming from Nigeria house in US for less than a decade, 8 women born in US with Nigerian parents, 10 ladies from distinct countries of Africa, three or more women coming from Hattie, two women from your Dominican Republic, and 3 women by America who have traveled or perhaps lived overseas. All of the fore mention females were asked questions gleamed from the noted writings with the cited research workers. The research supports the hypothesis that these girls suffer depression and denial due to cultural differences. The complication of trying to thrive in a world that is not the same as their cultural up bring and retaining their ethnical identity undamaged posses the issues of personality. The women will be faced with the vast opportunity of the american woman. In the eyes in the Nigerian girl she sees her counterpart working and managing a home and possessing a clear and challenging tone in the home. The Nigerian girl witness the uplifted head and confident words of the American woman is leading to promotions (Harvey & Allard, 2009) plus the image of the success looks and dresses different than she does. Not necessarily to be stated that the Nigerian women are generally not in position of leadership inside their country, however it is so underrepresented and when ladies does make to that level she even now loses her identity since she will take the function of the males who happen to be in leadership in order to powerful (Nekby, D., Rödin, M., & Özcan, G. 2009). This is an ongoing trail for the Nigerian women because they continue to adapt to new ethnical identities out and in of their nation. In the interviewing process it had been discovered that Nigerian women who have been around in the country for over 10 years report that they have manufactured a way to operate the community and keep their ethnical identity. A lot of report that after they initial got to America that it was hard because these people were affluent inside their country together little claim about the decisions for life nevertheless here none of that considered and they were required to start over. One thing that band true to them all is that they found a brand new freedom in the women they encountered. Tradition shock because explained by the ladies was a great understatement to explain the feelings that they had as they tried to maneuver through all of the different attitudes and beliefs. Group identity described by these kinds of women was reference to the way they perceived their particular inclusion into the majority group and how they will reflected prove position in their own cultural group (Tatum, M, L., 2000). The women who reached America at an older age report that it was harder for these to adapt to the freedom that the culture offered. 1 lady indicated that she saw a female instructing her husband to complete a few chores and used a demanding strengthen, " I thought, oh my personal what a...

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