The Bones Key

Topic: Froid (regret)

Phenomenon: Caroline become a the hospice worker so what? for the ailing and the elderly. Triggers: She is negative about the death of her individual father, who have died only because your woman was unacquainted with his situation and was living life on the highway with a traveling rock band Impact: Caroline get a hospice profession and needs a job in Louisiana, tending to Ben, a stroke-victim who will be bed-ridden and cannot speak. Solution/Step: Get employed as a hospice worker designed to atone on her own oversight for disregarding her declining father in past times

Topic: Hoodoo (black magic)

Phenomenon: The 2 black slaves Papa warrant and Mom Cecile at the beginning, and their spirits went into your partner body, the lawyer Lomaz was the guy black slave and the aged lady Violet was the female black slave. Causes: Purple and Ben have getting old plus the life of their bodies had been almost consumed over Result: Violet and Ben spirits can lodging at new body and maintain on living. Solution/Step: The family legal professional hires Caroline to take care of Ben and generate a trap let Caroline believe that Hoodoo is can be found. If Caroline ended up assuming it was every real, so the female dark slave came out of the old girl and in the her physique and Caroline will ending up as the lady and that's how the lady ended up creating a stroke, like Ben and Luke

Topic: Intelligence of Papa Warrant and Mama Cecile

Sensation: Luke (Papa's soul) the young legal professional wan this lady Purple (Mama's soul) to get a more youthful body, thus they spending high incomes to employs Caroline as being a hospice worker. Apparently, that they hired Caroline to take care on Ben but in simple fact they needed Caroline to think Hoodoo for them to switch the soul of Violet (Mama) to Caroline soul Triggers: Violet especially give the skeleton key to Caroline and let her be able to uncover the loft room and finds a huge collection of bizarre items that will be obviously intended to be used for some sort of magic Result: to...



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