Ulnar Collateral Ligament Reconstruction for a Baseball Pitcher

Ulnar Collateral Plantar fascia Reconstruction within a College Men Baseball Glass pitcher Julia Courtney

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Personal Info:

Patient: 22 y/o man. A twenty two year old male left-handed school baseball pitcher throwing in the first video game of the period. Durning his first few

Fl Southern School

which is the smaller bone in the forearm about the same side because the thumb. There are several essential ligaments in the elbow. A ligament is a soft tissues structure that connect bone tissues to bones and

pitches he happened to run off the mound and reported having sensed a popping sensation in the

are located around a joint contact form a joint capsule. A joint capsule is a

throwing arm that was instantly followed by inside elbow pain.

watertight longchamp that surrounds a joint and contains lubricating fluid

Current Medical History/Chief Complaint:

named synovial smooth. In the arm, the most important fidelite are the ulnar collateral plantar fascia and the assortment collateral ligament. The

A twenty-two year old, collegiate snowboarding pitcher was injured your home

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ulnar assets ligament is also known as the medial collateral

opener of his junior season when he ran off the pile and reported having believed a popping sensation in his throwing adjustable rate mortgage that was immediately followed by medial knee pain. The athlete immediately discontinued his throwing treatment. He was examined on-site by the

ligament. The ulnar collateral ligament is definitely on the inside side with the elbow, and the lateral guarantee is externally. The ulnar collateral soft tissue is a heavy band of ligamentous tissue that forms a

authorized athletic trainer and two athletic teaching students. The physical

triangulado shape over the medial knee. It has a great anterior package deal,

examination observed palpable inflammation over the medial aspect of his left

posterior bundle, and a thin, transverse ligament. Together these kinds of

elbow with tenderness to touch in of the attachment of the the ulnar

affection, connect the humerus to the ulna and keep it securely in

guarantee ligament around the ulna as well as the mid-substance region of the

place as it 35mm slides through the grooved at the end from the humerus. The

ligament. The valgus stress test was performed and was positive. Ice was

ulnar security ligament as well as the lateral assets ligament will be the

immediately used on his elbow.


key source of balance for the elbow and is torn the moment there is an accident or dislocation of the shoulder and if they just do not heal effectively, the arm can be too loose or unstable intended for activity. The the ulnar

Physical Signs

collateral plantar fascia is most frequently injured by throwing sports athletes,

•palpable puffiness over the inside aspect of his left shoulder with pain

such as hockey due to overuse and repeating stress cause by the

to touch for of the insertion of the the ulnar assets ligament on the ulna

throwing motion.

and also the mid-substance region of the tendon.

patient laying prone, knees are flexed to 90В°; the suspected

Relevant Structure

The bone fragments of the knee are the humerus, the ulna, the larger cuboid of the fore arm located on the reverse side of the thumb, and the radius

ruptured ankle appered more dorsiflexed when

intacted side

in contrast to the


Achilles Tendon Shatter

Julia Courtney

Florida The southern area of College

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Relevant Anatomy

Personal Data:

Sufferer: 48 y/o male. VP of a college. Overall health great and lives an active life-style

The Posterior muscle group, also referred to as the Calcaneal tendon, is

Current Medical History/Chief Complaint:

Classification Imaging

located on the lower leg posteriorly, originating within the medial and lateral condyles of the femur and placing at the calcaneus. This

A 48 yr old male presented with posterior leg pain. Having been

white fibrous cord is the largest, thickest, and most highly effective tendon...

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