Underhanded Business Techniques: Nike Example

The function of the authorities also plays a major part in these issues that are confronted by Nike. As we know that government laws and regulations differ from nation to country and this makes manufacturing of goods very difficult challenge for the international companies like Nike. The web host governments possess laws problems against consumer protection, data and marking, employment, wages and wages and safety of the staff who work in those organizations. The international organizations must keep these rules in their minds and should adhere to them. One of the most visible modifications in our legal-political factors develop and grow away of international trade contracts and the breakthrough of intercontinental trade connections between diverse countries for example , GATT or EU etc . (Stockdale & Crosby, 2004)

What happened is that the various roles that the web host governments of different countries just like China, Vietnam or Indonesia played with this particular global business's functions were that they turned a blind eye towards the poor working circumstances of the manufacturing plants. Another function that these governments played was that they did not really do anything regarding the very low wages in the workers for instance , in Vietnam the workers were paid 20 cents hourly or a simple $1. 62 per day however in actual the living wage in Vietnam was actually $3 per day. And neither of the governments do do anything regarding child labor problems or maybe the sweatshop complications. The ethical challenges (that is the sweatshop debate) that confront the global business of Nike are as follows: About 17 August 1996, CBS TELEVISION STUDIOS News went a twenty four hour program covering the inhumane treatment of workers by their administrators, the payment of pay below the legal minimum salary, and the sexual abuse of several girls workers in Nike's shoe manufacturing plants in Vietnam. Staff had been physically assaulted on the job. Non permanent workers had been paid, on an average, 20 cents per hour while crew leaders had been paid $42 per...



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